If you already own a property in turkey and you are not using it all year around then there will be a lot of things that you need to arrange and below are some examples.

  1. If your property is in close proximity to the sea then it is most likely your new home will need aeration and paint touch ups every now and then because the sea weather will wash the paint off your property and will causes internal humidity.
  2. If your property has a swimming pool then you will need a lot of maintenance such as adding chemicals, scooping the leaves and insects and also changing the water if needed.
  3. If your property has a garden then most probably you will have grass and bushes growing everywhere and therefore need to be trimmed.
  4. You will probably need your property cleaned and in case you are renting it then in between rents besides cleaning you will need cleaning,a person to welcome your tenants and guide to your utilities, the air-con, Sky TV and before that to check and repair any issues caused by the previous tenant.
  5. By time there will be things breaking, door knobs, window seals leaking etc. Small things, though not expensive but makes a negative living experience for you and your tenants.
  6. You have to pay for shared facilities, any taxes,bills like electricity, water gas and telephone and all other forms of bills and dues.
  7. Collecting rent and sending it to the property owner.
  8. Any decoration, modification, furniture changes of the property.
  9. Payment of all monthly real estate receivables
  10. Leasing and investing in the property if desired.

FAMA Property will provide you with Comprehensive property management services including advertising, renting and collection of rent, monthly funds transfer abroad, inventory checking, maintenance services, accountancy services including tax, insurance services, book keeping, monthly statements and so on. What you need to do is just fill in your personal and property data in the form below and we will handle all your needs.