Whether you are interested in off-plan residential, commercial, land development or build and operate or sell, we provide tailor made investment opportunities for our clients based on their investment criteria, risk appetite and expectations.

Foreign citizens can buy commercial, residential properties or lands where they can build houses. It must be noted that you must submit the project of the building well before initiating the construction. The project must be submitted to the related ministries, based on the purpose of the building. We, with the assistance of our lawyers will assist you in conduct a due diligence process to make sure the property is free of any debts, technical problems or legal matters.

Below are the general services provided:

  1. The procurement of the land
  2. The development plans
  3. The architectural, structural, electro-mechanical and interior designs
  4. The construction plan based on European standards,
  5. Management and marketing of all the built units and including after sales services.

If you are interested in such services, please fill out the form below.