The first step in buying a property is to find the property and then carrying out the due diligence process. Then in order to complete the process of buying any property in turkey should hire a lawyer in Turkey who can negotiate the price of the sale contract on behalf of you. It should be noted that in order to retain a property a deposit/down payment must be deposited in a bank account. Then only the final agreement can be signed. A request must be filed by the old and the new owners to change the property ownership. The last step for buying a property in Turkey is for the new owner to file a request together with other documents with the Land Registry in order to have the property transferred and a new title deed issued.

FAMA property can save you the hassle and handle all the requirement on your behalf from A to Z.

When you have decided to buy a property please consider the below advice from us :

  1. You need to search for multiple properties and compare them, research infrastructure of the place, read reviews and of course check prices.
  2. You have to visit the country and see the location and understand its pros and cons.
  3. Discuss your options with respect to the prices of properties and check if other better alternatives are available.
  4. Hire a Turkish lawyer to check the property’s history and if it is legit or if it has in legal issues.
  5. You have the option of giving a power of attorney if you want to do the purchase remotely.
  6. There is real estate tax duty, registration and notarization fees that need to be considered by you when actual purchase is executed.

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