Superb Apartment in Antalya/ Alanya 1+1 Alanya, Antalya

SKU: SEEO0702003
Property type: Apartments/Flat
Area (M 2)


  • Air conditioning
  • Cinema Room
  • Garage / Parking
  • Garden
  • Gym
  • Heating
  • Playground
  • Sauna
  • Sea view
  • Tennis court
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Turkish bath
  • Balcony
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Spa
  • Football field
  • Restaurants


Indoor social areas: Indoor pool, massage rooms,
sauna, steam room, Turkish bath, fitness center,
restaurant, closed pocket cinema, indoor playground,
meeting room.
Outdoor social areas: 250 m2 pool, football field, tennis
court, outdoor playground, outdoor sports area.

Based on walking distance, it is 8 minutes away from
the sea, 8 minutes from the ring road, 4 minutes from
the nearest market, and the nearest school is 5 minutes
It is 15 minutes from the airport, 20 minutes from the
city center, and 15 minutes from the closest hospital,


1. With the solar energy system, most of the electricity consumption of the common areas
will be provided free of charge.
2. Cost-free hot water with solar energy in residences and social areas.
3. Use of nature-friendly Class A products in building materials and electrical products.
4. Gardens designed with a rich landscape and many kinds of plants and flowers.
5. Shock heater preliminary installation will be made for each flat. Closed system
(pressurized) solar heaters with resistive enamel tank will be placed.
6. 24 Hour camera security. 24/7-night vision camera system will be made in a form and
quantity that will not leave blind spots throughout the site. The recorder with sufficient
capacity will be placed in the watch box and will record all cameras.
7. Hybrid grass will be used for turfing (zoysia japonica).
8. Faucets and electrical outlets will be placed on large balconies (except French balconies and
small bedroom balconies).
9. A generator with a capacity to meet at least half of the apartments and common area energy
capacity will be installed. The generator will be a TSE certified known brand such as Aksa,
Genpower, etc. Will be new and with guarantee


*Delivery date: 01/10/2022*