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Types of Permission

Learn more about different types of work permits.

Work Permit Procedures for Foreigners

Foreigners to work as an exception to 4817 numbered law;

1) Members of Press and Media are exempt from work permit in accordance with the articles of bilateral and multi lateral and reciprocity article.

Apart from that;

a) University members to work in the universities of Higher Education Council will obtain permits from YÖK Chair,

b) Foreigners to work in Free Trade Zones will work in accordance with the work permits given by Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade,

c) Foreigners to work in the institutions (State Theaters) operating under Ministry of Culture can work in Turkey according to the work permits given by these institutions .

Social Security for Foreign Workers

Learn social security regulations for foreign workers and the countries which have social security agreement with Turkey.

Research Permits

Procedures concerning research, examination, archeological excavation, film making and similar activities of researchers and film makers in Turkey are governed by 4 April 1988 dated and 88/12839 numbered Cabinet decision `Determining principles governing foreigners or those who applied on behalf of foreigners willing to conduct Scientific Research, Examination and Film Making and rules for foreign press members’ which was published 29 April 1988 dated and 19799 numbered Official Gazette and 62003/6270 numbered decision amending the abovementioned one which became effective on 6 October 2003 upon being published in 10 November 2003 dated and 25285 numbered Official Gazette.

Detailed information concerning procedures, applications and required documents concerning foreign researchers to perform researches, excavations and film making in Turkey can be found at the web site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Obtaining Real Estate

View the statistics and graphics of foreigner’s real estate obtaning.

Residency Issues

A-Residence Permit Procedures for Foreigners Requesting Residence Permit in Turkey;

5683 numbered law on Residence and Travels of the Foreigners in Turkey governs the system of granting foreigners with residence permit. Foreigners legally permitted to enter Turkey and foreigners coming to Turkey within the scope of Passport Law have the right to reside and travel in Turkey in accordance with the procedures defined by law.

In order to amend 1 month term given in the 3rd article of 5683 numbered Law on Foreigners Residence and Travels in Turkey as 3 months concerning the residency permit requirement, 1961 dated Cabinet decision legislated in accordance with the 30th article of the same law and governing the application until today is abolished. Accordingly it is provided as 90 days on condition that visa exemption term of foreigners and residency permit of the visa holder are valid, and those willing to stay in Turkey longer than the visa term have to apply city security directorate in order to obtain residence permit.

1- Application period for Residence Permit;

Foreigners coming to Turkey with short or long term visas or visa exemption, label or stamp visas for several reasons have to obtain residence permit in accordance with the 3rd article of 5683 numbered law and 1961 dated decree law given in detail above showing the application of the aforementioned article.

For instance, residence permit can be issued at the end of three months for a German citizen coming to Turkey with 1 year visa granting 1 year permit, and at the end of 1 month for a Jordan citizen coming with the same type of visa (residence permit valid as of the entrance date can be issued for those who are requesting).

Foreigner coming with three month visa exception has to do the following at the end of three months at the end of this period and those with residence permit within 15 days as of the expiration of the permit, and foreigners to work in Turkey have to get residence permit from the security directorate before starting to work.

Accordingly, the end of the period for foreigners to stay without residence permit is the beginning of the residence permit issued. In the meantime residence permit can be issued for foreigners coming to Turkey through visas obtained for foreign representations of Turkey for work, education, research and long term stay purposes as of their entrance date upon their request. However residence permits for those coming by taking advantage of label, stamp and visa exemption, expiration dates of these visas will be taken as the beginning of the residence permit.  Foreigners coming with long term visas and do not submit their residence permit application within the timeframe given will pay residence permit penalty and residence permit fee during their exit which will be calculated in accordance with the fee amounts determined by the Ministry of Finance in accordance with 492 numbered Charges Law every year and become effective upon its publication in the Official Gazette, and double amount of the penalty calculated will be collected.

a- For the first time residence permit: These foreigners have to submit their application at the end of their visa or visa exemption period.

b- Extension of an existing residency permit :

These foreigners have the right to extend their permits within 15 days as of the expiration date. In this regard no charges and book fee will be collected from the foreigners having residence permit in Turkey and leaving the country within 15 days as of the expiration of the permit. Therefore applications should be submitted on time in order not to pay charges.

2-Renewing or Extending Residence Permits:

a- Foreigners willing to renew or extend their residence permits in Turkey have to apply to the security authorities within 15 days as of the expiration date in person or indirectly to do so.

b- Expired residence permi…


Security Investigations for Granting Turkish Citizenship

Application Authority: Application authorities concerning citizenship applications are Turkish consulates at overseas and highest civilian authority (governorship of the city residing) within the country in accordance with 11th article of 403 Numbered Turkish Citizenship Law and 15th Article of Regulation concerning the application of this law.

Concerning citizenship applications of foreign nationals residing in Turkey and submitting their application within the country will be governed as the following;

Application files prepared by City Directorate of Population Registry and Citizenship where the application is submitted with regard to citizenship granting process will be sent to City Security Directorates to be investigated.

Final decision is taken by General Directorate of Population Registry and Citizenship for the foreign nationals investigation processes of which have been completed concerning whether they will be granted Turkish citizenship or not.

Investigations concerning Turkish Citizenship Applications submitted within the country due to Marriage with Turkish Citizen:

Security directorate of residence should perform the below mentioned investigations for applicants.

Accordingly whether the applicant is;

a)Married to a Turkish Citizen at least for three years and whether the marriage is continuing or not,

b)Whether they are actually living together except for force majeure,

c)Whether they are involved in activities such as prostitution, intervened in these activities, slave trafficking etc.,

d)Whether they are suspicious in terms of public order, national security and general ethics,

e)Whether the marriage is serious complying with the issues given above, not for benefits should be investigated.

Issues Worthy of Notice for Foreigners

In accordance with our internal regulations foreigners have to submit proper and in due form passport or license in order to enter or exit Turkey at police entry points at the border gates. Foreigners without passports, licenses or invalid travel documents will be sent back.

Punitive action will be taken for those departing Turkey without passport or proper documents. Upon completion of the punishment these foreigners will be deported and time bound entry restriction will be applied on their behalf.

If the foreigners coming to Turkey will continue to stay upon expiration of their visas, they have to obtain residency permit by submitting application to related authorities. On the contrary their presence in our country will be illegal and if they are caught during the controls they will be deported, if they are not caught they will be charged with time bound entry restriction during their exit depending on the violation. Moreover they have to pay penalties during the exit for the violation occurred.

Furthermore foreigners living in our country have to carry and submit their passport with valid visa or residence permit when asked in accordance with 5682 numbered Passport law.

Foreigners have to comply with Turkish rules during their stay in Turkey. Foreigners involved in illegal activities and those who do not comply with the rules will be handled in accordance with 5682-5683 numbered Passport and Residence Law and Foreigners Residence and Travels in Turkey, upon completion of legal/administrative procedures they will be deported and their entrance to our country will be restricted.

Vehicle Registery Procedures




1. Invoice or authorization document of the dealer arranging the invoice

2. Certificate of conformity

3. Mandatory Indemnity insurance

4. Original copy of Special Consumption Tax Payment Receipt

5. Citizenship number for foreigners

6. Registration and traffic document (To be obtained from Traffic Registry Branch or Bureau)

7. New registration file to be obtained from Chamber of Drivers

NOTE: It is mandatory to register within 3 months as of the invoice arrangement date.

If the vehicle is purchased on behalf of a company below documents will be provided in addition to the ones given above;

a) Copy of Chamber of Commerce Registration,

b) The list of authorized signatures.


1. Customs traffic certificate

2. Certificate of Conformity

3. Mandatory Indemnity Insurance

4. Original Special Consumption Tax Payment Receipt

5. Citizenship number for foreigners

6. Registration and traffic document (To be obtained from Traffic Registry Branch or Bureau)

7. New registration file to be obtained from Chamber of Drivers

NOTE: It is mandatory to register within 3 months as of the certificate arrangement date.

If the vehicle is purchased on behalf of a company below documents will be provided in addition to the ones given above;

a) Copy of Chamber of Commerce Registration,

b) The list of authorized signatures.

NOTE: Vehicles of Foreign Nationals will be registered in MA-MZ group plates.


1. Process will be carried out for the vehicles in MA-MZ group of plates and vehicles reserved for diplomats and NATO.

2. Vehicle Traffic Registration and Application Procedures Form (Annex-1)

3. Plates of the vehicles

4. Registration and traffic documents of the vehicle

5. Petition

6.  Tax clearance certificate from the Tax Office (except for NATO personnel and diplomats)


1. If a vehicle registered in the name of a foreign real person or legal entity below should be provided;

a) Petition

b) Break off record for tax procedures

c)  Registration and traffic documents

d)  (D) Temporary Traffic Document and Plates will be granted for a vehicle license plate documents and plates of which are taken back if indemnity insurance which is also valid for overseas is provided.

2.  If a second hand vehicle sold to foreign national real persons or real entities through notary public is requested to be departed before it is registered in Turkey;

a) Petition

b) Notary Public Sale Certificate

c) Registration and traffic documents

d) Plates

e) Break off documents (from the tax office)

f)  Indemnity insurance which is valid for overseas


1. Worn out registration and traffic documents will be reissued (Traffic Registration Branch or Bureau)

2. 1 ea vehicle Traffic Registration and Application Procedures Form (Annex-1)

3. Petition

4. Examination will be re-conducted if the examination period is over.

5. Application can either be submitted to the registration facility where the vehicle is registered or any registration facility in order to reissue worn out plates and documents.


157 Hotline for Anti-Human Trafficking

157 Hotline for Human Trafficking has been activated in 2005 in order to provide emergency services for foreigners who came to Turkey for several reasons and whose passports are retained, forced to work on the contrary to their own will, forced to prostitution, who became victims if human trafficking due to organ removal within the scope of 80th article of Turkish Criminal Law. Hotline offering service for 24/7 in different languages such as Turkish, English, Russian and Romanian is opened up to international calls as 00903121571122.

Social Security

Medical Assistance

Providing Medical Assistance Within the Scope of E-State Social Security Agreements

Our department provides assistance within the scope of our institution only for the citizens of the countries which are parties to the agreement. Services for the citizens of the countries that did not sign the agreements are given by other related department of our institution. Agreements signed with Germany, Austria, Albania, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Czech Republic, France, Netherlands, TRNC, Macedonia, Luxembourg, and Romania include long term insurance in accordance with health insurance among the social security agreements signed with 22 countries. Since health insurance is not included in the security agreements of the remaining countries such as Denmark, Georgia, England, Switzerland, Sweden, Canada, Quebec, Libya and Norway, citizens of these countries are not within the scope of the duties of our Department.

Foreign nationals obtained medical security from the 13 countries given above within the scope of social security agreements who are in Turkey for temporary duty, touristic purposes, medical purposes, as the workers of transportation companies, for education purposes and those with permanent residence have to obtain medical benefit certificated from the related institutions on behalf of participating countries determined in accordance with their agreements during their date in Turkey.

Foreign nationals with medical benefit certificates have to deliver their medical benefit documents to directorates or centers in the list given in the list of Social Security Provincial Directorates to receive medical assistance in accordance with Turkish legislation. When they deliver these formularies they will receive free of charge medical assistance just as our beneficiaries excluding the participation amount.

If they require medical assistance without having their medical benefit document, application should be submitted to the directorates or centers where they reside to provide their certificate through their security institutions.

Insurance holder will pay for the expenses occur until the medical assistance document is provided. If the documents are received before these insurance holders depart from Turkey, costs incurred will be returned to them in accordance with the legislation. If it is not received in the meantime before they depart Turkey or they depart Turkey without submitting application to directorates or centers to receive their medical assistance document, they can ask for reimbursement from their security institution in the home country by submitting receipts and medical documents of the costs incurred.

Academic Personnel

Assignments of Foreign National Academic Personnel

Procedures concerning Assignments of Foreign National Academic Personnel in Turkey in accordance with 2527 numbered law

Required Documents

  • University Executive Board Decision
  • Documents concerning education status
  • I.D.
  • Military Service Document for male personnel

Foreign National Academic Personnel Employment in accordance with 34th article of 2547 numbered Higher Education Institutions;

Required Documents

a) For those to be employed for the first time:

  • University Executive Board Decision
  • Information Form
  • Information Gathering Form
  • I.D.
  • Visa Request Form
  • Type Agreement
  • Justification
  • Translated copy of the document displaying academic career
  • Internationally accepted certificate for those to give foreign language education
  • University examination and evaluation board report

b) For those who served in the same place previously:

For current detailed information please visit Türkiye Scholarships.