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Buying an Apartment in Istanbul

Three main ways to buy an apartment in Istanbul

in this article:

Information about Istanbul.

Why should you buy an apartment in Istanbul?

 Three main ways to buy an apartment in Istanbul

1-Find apartments for sale in Istanbul by yourself

2-Find apartments for sale in Istanbul through the Internet and websites                                                                                         

3-Search for apartments for sale in Istanbul through the Office of Real Estate

Brief information

General information about turkey

Turkey’s geographical location is very special. It is located between the continents of Asia and Europe. This makes Turkey a great place for those looking for stability, especially for Muslims. Most Arab countries suffer from difficult economic and political conditions. Therefore, most of them are looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul in particular and Turkey in read more about turkey .

Turkey’s future:

Since 2000 until now, the Turkish economy has been impressive. Turkey continues to achieve successes and continuous economic growth most of the time. Which contributes to the stability of the country and heralds a brighter future. The public facilities  provided by the Turkish government to businessmen have contributed to improve the Turkish economy. Due to the increase in the number of foreign investors the need for apartments for sale in Istanbul has increased.

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Foreigners in Turkey:

Unlike many countries, being a foreigner in Turkey is not a problem as the government offers many facilities to foreigners. Also, a foreigner can own full ownership in Turkey. Therefore, the number of apartments for sale in Istanbul increased to match the high need for it. One of these facilities is the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship by investing or owning a property with a value of at least $250,000.

Turkish society:

Turkish people are special by being a very simple people who accept differences. The high number of foreigners in Turkey, especially Istanbul helped this. This created a kind of variety of cultures and helped Turks accept others and made jumping into society easier for foreigners. Which encourage foreigners to search more for apartments for sale in Istanbul .

Culture in Turkey:

Turkey has a very special history. Its geographical location has contributed to the variety of the cultures in Turkey. It is one of the few countries that has development and freedom of opinion and still following its traditions.

Real estate in Turkey:

The Turkish real estate market is a growing market. The interest in it is greater than ever. The chances of obtaining apartments for sale in Istanbul at prices that suit everyone are high. The economic crisis that happened to Turkey in the past and led to a decline in the price of the Turkish lira made real estate prices very attractive to foreigners. Now you can get villas in great areas and views with good prices. The prices are the lowest compared to other countries. In addition to the fact that housing in Turkey is a wonderful thing, investing in real estate is a very profitable business due to the strength of tourism in most Turkish cities.The most prominent of which is the city of Antalya.


Istanbul is the most important economic city in Turkey, as it produces 55 of Turkey’s exports. It is the largest city in Turkey and the second largest city in the world. With an area of 5,461 square kilometers. Therefore, the search for apartments for sale in Istanbul may become difficult. The large number of options make it harder. In addition, Istanbul is one of the most prominent tourist cities around the world.

Why should you buy an apartment in Istanbul?                                                                               

Istanbul’s geographical location makes it a great place for stability and investment, because it links the continents of Asia and Europe, where this city is divided into two parts, European and Asian sides. As Istanbul is a tourist city, it receives great attention from the Turkish government and people. It is considered one of the most developed and safest Turkish cities.

İstanbul'da hangi ilçede ne kadar yaşlı bina olduğu açıklandı

The climate in Istanbul is extraordinary, especially for those who want to spend an enjoyable summer vacation, as the climate in Istanbul is cold in winter and moderately warm in summer with continuous rain in most parts of the year. The climate pushes many foreigners to search for apartments for sale in Istanbul

Istanbul is an ideal place for investment for several reasons. The most important one is the large population of this city. The population of Istanbul reached 15 million people in 2018. For this reason, the number of apartments for sale in Istanbul is constantly increasing. Getting a job in Istanbul is simple and less complicated. The real estate field is very strong in Istanbul. Where getting an apartment for sale in Istanbul is easy.

The opportunity for Turkey to join the European Union increases the chances of economic growth. This will be a strong asset for Istanbul. It will increases the desire of foreigners to search for apartments for sale in Istanbul

the most prominent landmarks in Istanbul: There are many archaeological places in Istanbul the most important of them are, Aya Sofya, the church that has recently become a mosque, Topkapi Palace, and Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmet Camii). And many special places, whether with their beautiful nature or with their deep history.

Three main ways to buy an apartment in Istanbul                

There are many ways to get apartments for sale in Istanbul. We will mention the three most prominent of them, and they are searching on your own, searching through the Internet, or using a real estate office. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages that we will mention to you in detail.                                                                   

Find apartments for sale in Istanbul by yourself   

This method is considered the oldest and was the most widely used, especially in Istanbul. The culture of the Turkish people plays an important role in this method. People used to ask the grocer or the elders of the area about apartments and so on. The grocer is the most familiar person with the details of the neighborhood.

Although this method is still possible, it has begun to fade for many reasons. The most important one is great expansion. It is impossible for a person or group to be aware of the entire details of the area. The high population make it harder.

There are a number of difficulties that those who wish to follow this method will face. The most important one is the language factor. The residents of the neighborhood or the grocer often speak Turkish. Following this method will narrow your opportunities.

2-Find apartments for sale in Istanbul through the Internet and websites                  

Since we are in the era of technological development, everything has become available through the Internet. If you want apartments for sale in Istanbul. There are many sites and applications that have become very popular in the field of real estate. You can find thousands of apartments for sale in Istanbul there. 

One of the most prominent advantages of this method is the ease and speed. There are many negatives, most notably is the language. Most of these applications do not support English or Arabic languages.

The biggest negative in this method to get apartments for sale in Istanbul is safety. You do not know who you are dealing with. Many people have been subjected to fraud attempts by unknown people.  

3-Search for apartments for sale in Istanbul through the Office of Real Estate                                                                             

This method is the best way to find apartments for sale in Istanbul for several reasons. Real estate offices provide excellent services and also provide translators for several languages. You can also inform them of the specifications you want to obtain in your apartment. And inform them of your financial budget. They will search extensively to find the best apartment for you. They have hundreds of apartments for sale in Istanbul.

Contrary to the previous methods, this method is very safe, as you are dealing with official offices authorized to work. And you deal with real people, unlike searching through the Internet and unofficial sites. You cannot verify the identity of the person you are dealing with.

Real estate offices provide you with quick services. They have experience and knowledge of various real estate in different places. This will increase the chance of you getting what you want. In short, it is the best way to get apartments for sale in Istanbul. It is faster, more effective and much safer. apartments for sale in Istanbul


Brief information                                                                                                                                                       

Living in Istanbul is great for many reasons. The strong economy, the unique geographical location and the great cultural diversity. Getting apartments for sale in Istanbul is not difficult. The way you search makes a big difference.

 In this article, we mentioned the three most prominent ways to find apartments for sale Istanbul, and they are. Searching by yourself or via the Internet, or finally searching with the help of a real estate office.

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Property in Turkey to Acquire Turkish Citizenship

 Buy Property in Turkey to Acquire Turkish Citizenship

Turkey is a safe haven for many people around the world whose countries suffer from difficult economic and political conditions. One of the most important reasons is the system for obtaining Turkish citizenship. Also it is less complicated than most other countries. There are many ways to obtain Turkish citizenship. The most important  one is  obtain Turkish citizenship by buying a property.Turkish Citizenship | Istanbul Homes ®

Despite the great facilities provided by the Turkish government to businessmen and foreign investors. There are special conditions if the goal of these investments is to obtain citizenship.

In order to obtain citizenship, some people tend to buy property in Turkey for several reasons. The most important one is relocation and stability in Turkey. It is considered a suitable place, especially for Arabs who suffer from abuse, injustice and difficult security conditions. Due to the and development that Turkey contains.

The religious aspect

 It is a great motivation for Arabs wishing to move from their countries to choose stability in Turkey. Islam is the strongest and most common in Turkey.

Turkey future.                                                                                                                                                                                   

Indicators see strong economic growth in Turkey during the next ten years. It makes buying a property in Turkey attractive even without obtaining citizenship. There are many conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship in this way.

The most important of which are the value of the property . The person’s personal history in terms of ethics and following the laws.                finally the duration of keeping the property. In this article, we will first mention why you should buy a property in Turkey specifically. And what are the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying a property in Turkey. And finally, the advantages enjoyed by those who hold Turkish citizenship.

Why you should buy property in Turkey?

Economically, Turkey is one of the leading countries in agricultural products, textiles and cars. The plans in place herald a very strong future economically. Turkey aims to become one of the ten most powerful economic countries. The economic crisis in 2018 led to the depreciation of the Turkish lira. It is excellent for traders from abroad to invest heavily in an emerging market with a strong future.

This drop attract many Arab families to move and live in Turkey. The value of real estate here is very impressive compared to other countries. This contributed to making the government provide many facilities for foreign investors to revive and strengthen the country’s economy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          We must mention that there is a high possibility that Turkey will join the European Union countries at any time. This will makes obtaining Turkish citizenship a very wonderful thing. In addition to the material benefits  there are future benefits that may be much greater if Turkey joins the European Union.

Citizenship In Turkey - Zenith Turkey Investment

prices and investment

The cost of real estate in Turkey is considered low to an excellent degree. It allowing most families who want to live here to own their own homes.   We see this strongly among people from Iraq and Yemen here. Most of them moved their families for security reasons and to obtain a safe labor market.

They tend to buy property in turkey in order to obtain Turkish citizenship has become very popular among them. This is due to its multiple benefits. In addition to obtaining Turkish citizenship, it is a safe place to live.

Finally, the labor market in Turkey is very attractive for businessmen.  Which urged them to move and bring their families to Turkey as well.  There are many areas that can be invested here, such as agriculture, food products, clothing, or even the automobile industry.                                 This great variation is one of the most prominent Things that the Turkish economy enjoys.                                                                                      Many of them take advantage of their presence here and buy property in Turkey to obtain Turkish citizenship.


 Turkey is the most suitable place for most Arabs, for several reasons, including language and religion. Where there are many convergent words between Arabic and Turkish, and there are many Turks who can speak Arabic. And the religious aspect, where Islam still maintains its value among the people here in Turkey. We must also mention some other factors, such as freedom of thought here. Unlike many Arab countries. Climate is one of the factors where Turkey generally enjoys a wonderful climate in most seasons. The Turkish people are also distinguished by the fact that they are easier to deal with. The Turkish government also welcomes foreigners on its lands.

Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying property

buy property in Turkey to obtain citizenship is very common Among those wishing to live in Turkey. They can buy a house and use it to obtain Turkish citizenship. The government has set basic conditions for obtaining citizenship by owning a property.

First, the property value must not be less than $250,000. That there is no kinship between the seller and the buyer in order to ensure that there is no manipulation. The presence of a government evaluation of the price of the property. Obtaining the title deed and it must be notarized.

Turkish Citizenship | Istanbul Homes ®

A receipt for the transfer of the amount.  It must be more than 250,000 dollars from the buyer’s account to the owner directly. Writing the reason for the transfer to buy a property or a house for example. The property is not pawned. If the property was purchased in installments, all installments must be paid before applying for Turkish citizenship.

Finally, it is the condition not to sell the property for at least 3 years. This to ensure that there is no manipulation. It is also normal for the government to verify a person’s criminal record. This to make sure that he does not pose any threat to the state’s economy or public security.

Extra information

There is no condition that determines the type of property invested in. Person can invest in any type of real estate such as commercial and residential, land and others.

It is possible to purchase in comfortable installments with an application for Turkish citizenship after completing the payment of installments.

Advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship

The Turkish economy is one of the 20 most powerful economies in the world. This brings many benefits to its citizens. The Turkish passport is one of the 50 most powerful passports in the world. The passport allows its holders to travel to 77 countries without a visa. Turkish passport  adds greater ease to obtaining a visa for 26 Schengen countries. 

Turkish passport provides free medical care and semi-free education at world-class universities based on the person’s academic level. The right to vote in all elections, as there are no first and second-class citizens like other countries. Greater facilities in investments and ownership with the possibility of obtaining loans and so on.

Benefit from the retirement pension plan as a Turkish citizen. Who obtains Turkish passport and has children under 18 years can apply to them for Turkish citizenship.

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Turkey communications

The economic growth and religious rapprochement between Turkey and most of the Arab countries made many Arabs choose to  live here. Do not forget Turkey’s geographical location.

Turkey location  is one of the most important reasons for the strength of the Turkish economy. Turkey relies heavily on tourism as a source of annual income for the country. These reasons made people who move to live in Turkey want to settle down and obtain citizenship. Perhaps one of the most prominent of these ways is real estate investment. 

Turkey allows any foreigner who buys a property worth $250,000 or more to apply for Turkish citizenship. The government does not require the purchase of a certain type of real estate. Whether it is commercial or residential, and even agricultural land or any other type of real estate. Iraqis come first in terms of obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment. 

In general the Iranians are the most benefited from this law. We also note the intellectual and religious rapprochement between these countries, as Turkey attracts them because of its different culture.

Turkey composed of the development and mixing of European cultures and adheres to the Islamic religion. This is difficult to find in any other countries. In addition to the facilities provided by the Turkish government to foreign people and specially investors.

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Apartment for Sale in Antalya on the Cheap

How to buy a cheap apartment for sale in Antalya?

Decided or thought of finding an Apartment for sale in Antalya?  Owning a private home is a primary goal for most groups of society who want to settle down .Renting a house provides housing but does not achieve the required stability. The pressure to own a home increases as the person grows older . Buying a home is not a priority for most young people who are single or newly married. Due to the ability and desire of young people to invest and take risks.Unlike elderly who have families, they are more inclined to search for stability.

In this article, we will mention how to buy a house at a cheap price in and Apartment for sale in Antalya. But first we must ask why should I buy house in Turkey? What are the advantages of owning a property in Turkey? We will also get to know the details of the city of Antalya in terms of the pros and cons. Finally, what is the best way to get a cheap house in Antalya.                               

 Why Turkey?

In the last decade. Due to the difficult conditions of most Arab and African countries. Many families went to Turkey to live there for several reasons. Turkey’s geographical location, economic development, and a very attractive labor market. As well as the convergence of thought. Turks and Arabs share many traditions in addition.Their adherence to the Islamic religion, which you will not find in other foreign countries. This make Arabic families sure that their children will not lose their religious. The facilities provided by the Turkish government to foreigners wishing to settle on its lands attracts many families. One of the most prominent facilities is allowing foreigners to own full ownership.

Settling in Turkey

The real estate residence is the most important advantages offered by the Turkish government. Where the government grants permanent residence to the property owner and his family. Owner may also apply for Turkish citizenship if some special conditions are met. People differ in the reasons that make them buy house in Turkey, some of them are looking for stability, and some of them want to invest. We will mention the most important economic and social reasons. Which made Turkey suitable country for those wishing to settle down.

Economically, Turkey is one of the 20 most powerful countries with international expectations for the development of the Turkish economy in the coming years due to the many plans that the Turkish government is working on, such as increasing exports and relying on local production, the automobile industry and weapons, and it has also become very attractive to business leaders from different countries of the world. Due to the facilities provided by the Turkish government to foreign investors.

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Turkey future

The possibility of Turkey joining the European Union is another point that may contribute significantly to the growth of the Turkish economy. It might be a major factor in its stability. Also development in the field of tourism. Where Turkey is a destination for millions of tourists annually because of its wonderful climate and many archaeological landmarks. Turkey has become highly dependent on tourism as a major source of income for the country. All these indicators make Turkey a suitable place for families wishing to move and settle in secure developed country.

The economic crisis that occurred in Turkey in 2018 led to the decline of the Turkish currency. This made real estate prices and investment very attractive for foreigners, as compared to other countries. Prices in Turkey are much cheaper in most areas such as industry, the cost of building materials, and even the cost of wages Workers. Which prompted large companies to open factories in Turkey.

Socially, the Turkish people are easy to deal with compared to other people, especially in the last ten years, 

More socially conscious brands, please

due to the high number of foreigners residing in the country, whether refugees, investors, or even university students, which made the people more open to accepting the differences of others. tradition and religious proximity between Turks and Arabs in view of history The Ottoman rule. Which included many regions such as Egypt and Hejaz.

Turkey’s adherence to Islam remains the main reason for most Muslim families and investors to choose Turkey as a second country . The freedom of expression that exists in Turkey by virtue of being a republic is another factor that attracts many people. Also we can see this clearly from the number of Arab politicians residing in Turkey.


Why should you buy a house in Antalya specifically?                                                   

 Antalya is one of the most important and most beautiful cities in Turkey and even in the world. With its wonderful climate throughout the year. It enjoys a moderately hot weather in summer and warm and rainy in winter. In addition to its important geographical location, which makes it a shrine for millions of tourists and businessmen. Antalya contains two of the most luxurious hotels in Turkey in general. It also has a very great historical importance as it was under the rule of many historical emperors.

Antalya is considered one of the most beautiful cities. It is full of life and activity in all its regions. People will continually stop to see the beauty of the scenery in the area. Antalya is distinguished by its wonderful environmental diversity.  You can see fantastic beaches, rivers and waterfalls. It is also one of the few cities where you can ice skate in the morning and swim in the sea in the afternoon. This diversity does not only lie in the environment. Also this city contains different cultures, due to the high number of tourists in it throughout the year.

Apartment for Sale in Antalya

Antalya development

Antalya has developed greatly over the ages and will continue to do so in the future. Which makes buying a home in it a wonderful idea and may be a very profitable investment in future. Based on the statistics, the population of Antalya has multiplied 10 times in the last forty years. This is a good sign of the direction in which the economy is going .The real estate is constantly on the rise and the rise will be more in the next three years. If you want to buy house in Turkey, this is the right time and Antalya is the right place. Diversity of job and investment opportunities in Antalya is enough reason to buy a house and settle. Also all the basic services are available from private or government schools and at a high level, hospitals and all.

How to find an Apartment for Sale in Antalya?

In order to get a cheap house in Antalya, there are many things that you should take into consideration. The most important one is how close the house is to the sea and the city center. The view that the house overlooks is a significant factor in the value of the house. In general, Antalya is a city for everyone. The prices start from 50000 dollars and reach more than 300,000 dollars depends on the location of the house.

The first advice

Is to get a house 30 to 50 minutes away from the sea, as the prices will be much cheaper. As we know that buy house in Turkey is much cheaper than other countries that provide the same quality. It is also possible to get private villas with a private pool at prices that is very cheap compared to other countries. Only if you follow the previous advice about the location of the residence. In Antalya there is something for everyone. And always having a real estate consultant will facilitate your task and provide you with greater options.


In short, the strong economy, security stability and the facilities provided by the Turkish government to foreigners are all factors that make people think strongly about buying a house in Turkey. When we talk about cities, Antalya is one of the most suitable cities to live. Due to its beautiful nature and climate. Also  its economic conditions made it one of the most important cities in Turkey. Where the issue of getting a job is not a problem there.

It also provides opportunities for all classes of society. It contains luxury homes overlooking the sea at exorbitant prices. Also contains homes at cheap prices with a good quality of life. In order to buy house in Turkey, especially Antalya. The first thing to consider is the location of the house, as prices vary greatly in different regions. How close the house is to the beach is the most important factor affecting its price. Contact Us today for us to help you find the best Apartment for Sale in Antalya Turkey.

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Your Guide to Buying Villas in Ankara

in this article:


-general information about turkey.

-general information about Ankara.

-why should I live in Ankara?

-The three most important steps to buy a villa in Ankara.

-The first step, Determine the financial capacity (purchase budget).

-The second step, determine requirements and needs.

-the third step, Find a reliable real estate office.


In the last decade, Turkey has become one of the most prominent destinations for business leaders looking to spend a good time in nature and high luxury as well. Turkey provides services with many advantages in terms of housing. The art of architecture in Turkey is one of the most prominent arts around the world.

Buying a villa in Turkey is one of the most wonderful things for several things. The most important is the beautiful nature, safety, economic growth and the basic stability of the country. Secondly, a high level of services Variety that meets everyone’s needs, and finally, the competitive price.

The prices of villas in Turkey are half the value of the villas in other countries. Here, you can buy a villa in some cities of Turkey for a value of 70,000 euros. Many European tourists decide to buy villas in Turkey after their visit. Also, and some of them even decide to settle down and enjoy their time there.

Living cheapness, diversity of job opportunities and a strong labor market in Turkey are all factors that encourage buying and stability in Turkey, as indicators point to a prosperous future for this country.

general information about turkey: Turkey is distinguished by its geographical location, which gives it a strategic importance, as it links the continents of Asia and Europe, and is bordered by the sea on three sides, which makes it a link between many directions.

Turkey’s Climate:

Due to its vast area, the climate in Turkey varies according to the region. But in general, Turkey is characterized by a moderate climate and continuous rain throughout the year.

Turkish history and culture:

Turkey have a long history that has contributed to the diversity of cultures. It facilitates the process of harmonizing the rest of the peoples with the Turkish people. So, it is considered an easy people to deal with.

Investment and the labor market in Turkey:

Refugees: ILO's support to refugees and host communities in TurkeyThe Turkish economy is a growing economy and the labor market is one of the strongest markets around the world for several reasons. The most important of which is the availability of labor and the price of the Turkish currency against the dollar. This made it very attractive to major investors and companies.

The facilities provided by the Turkish government to those who wish to own a property or start an investment in Turkey is one of the main reasons for foreigners to move to live and settle in Turkey.

General Information about Ankara.

Ankara, the capital city of Turkey. It is the second largest city in terms of area after Istanbul. It is characterized by its political and economic importance to the country. Despite that, its population is only 5 million people.

Industry in Ankara has developed greatly since it was declared the capital of Turkey in 1932, and many citizens moved to work in it. This makes it a special place for businessmen and huge companies to set up their factories.

Ankara climate:

It is considered a continental climate (cold and rainy in winter, hot and dry in summer). Many people like this type of climate where most of the seasons are clear with their diversity

60% of the area of Ankara is used for agriculture. It also controls 9 percent of countries’ income, in addition to water dams. All of these things make the Turkish capital, Ankara, a great place for stability.

Historically, Ankara is a place of conflict for many civilizations throughout the ages because of its importance in terms of its location in the center of Anatolia, and also because it contains many resources, whether plant or animal resources.

Why should I live in Ankara?

There are many reasons why buying a villa in Ankara and settling there is a tempting and wonderful idea. The most prominent of these reasons is, first, the security stability, as the capital, Ankara, is one of the safest cities in Turkey.

Second, its geographical location and continental climate. Where Ankara enjoys a cold, rainy climate with hot, dry winters in summer. Also, most of the seasons are clear, such as spring and autumn. It is also located in the heart of Anatolia.

Third, its economic and political importance. As Ankara controls 9% of the state’s income. Ankara is one of the leading cities in various fields of industry. Perhaps the most prominent of which are textiles and clothing, and also do not forget food products.

Moreover, do not forget the facilities provided by the Turkish government to foreigners wishing to own villas in Turkey. Anyone who buys a property at a price of at least 250 thousand dollars obtains Turkish citizenship, unlike most countries that impose fictional numbers to obtain citizenship.

We must also not forget about the possibility of Turkey joining the European Union, which is closer than ever due to Turkey’s economic and military development. Where Turkey began to manufacture and export special equipment to many European countries.

The prices of villas in Ankara start from 70,000 euros. This price is impossible to find in any other country with the same level of luxury.

Last but not least, it provides the luxury of life and the required stability at very low prices when compared to other countries. Where the price of villas in Ankara may reach half the price of villas in other countries with the same level of quality and luxury.

In short:

All these reasons and more make buying a villa in Ankara very profitable and beneficial, whether it is for the purpose of stability, recreation, or even for investment purposes. All these reasons and more make buying a villa in Ankara very profitable and beneficial, whether for the purpose of stability, recreation, or even for investment purposes.

The three most important steps to buy a villa in Ankara

Property in Ankara for Sale | INVEST FOR REAL ESTATE IN TURKEY                     

1-Determine the financial capacity (the value that suits you for the villa)

2-Determine the requirements and needs that you want to have in the villa

3-Dealing with a real estate office.





The first step, Determine the financial capacity (purchase budget).

To do this you need to study the available capital, the amount that you can borrow, and your fixed income that you will repay from. Do not forget that you can buy a house in installments and you will be able to obtain Turkish citizenship after the completion of paying the last installment if the value of the property is more than 250 thousand dollars.

The second step, determine requirements and needs.

This is based on your own desire. For example, if you want to buy a villa with a sea view, an indoor pool, a garden, and other things that you must specify before starting the search for the suitable villa for you.

This step is very important for two reasons. First, it will increase your sense of satisfaction when you buy the villa. Secondly, it will also contribute to your stability. You will be convinced that you got what you wanted and not what was offered to you.

the third step, Find a reliable real estate office.

This step is important for several reasons, the most prominent of which is safety, as you may be exposed to fraud attempts if you do not have someone with experience in this field.

Secondly, consulting a real estate office will greatly increase your chances of obtaining the specifications you desire, due to the diversity of places they have, as they deal directly with the owners of large projects.

Thirdly, this will make the purchasing process much easier, as they have experience in complex matters such as contracts, documentation and other government transactions. The offices also provide after-sales services such as applying for Turkish citizenship.














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Turkish Citizenship by Investment: 7 ways to get it

Turkish citizenship by investment

The 7 main ways of getting the citizenship by investment.


In the last decade, Turkey has become very attractive country for those who want to move from their countries. Their reasons could be for security or economics. The Turkish society is a free thinking society and it understands the suffering of other countries.

Turkey has combined two very important things. They are freedom and development similar to European countries, and agreement and respect for the Islamic religion. Only in Turkey you can find more than 84,000 mosques in different states. This is what made Arabs and Muslims in general see Turkey as an excellent destination to enjoy development and freedom. In addition, to preserving their religion.

We also do not forget that people who move there to invest can obtain Turkish citizenship by investment. This is a wonderful thing, as we see that most countries require huge amount of money just to obtain citizenship without any investment or financial benefits for the person. This step has benefited the Turkish economy a lot, as Turkey has become attractive not only to students or refugees, but also to many business people around the world.

The development in the level of university education for foreign students is another factor that makes families feel more comfortable when they decide to move here. The Arabs are the most beneficiaries of the naturalization system due to the difficult conditions of life in most Arab countries, and Iraq tops this list, as Iraqi businessmen are the ones who obtained Turkish citizenship by investment.

In this article and after we mentioned some positive points that made Turkey a haven for many people. We will explain 4 basic ways to obtain Turkish citizenship and 3 other ways, but they are more complicated.

4 Main Ways to Obtain Turkish Citizenship are:

  1. with uninterrupted residence on its lands

  2. by marrying a Turkish citizen.

  3. by a decision of the competent authorities.

  4. citizenship by investment.

These are the heads of pens about the four most important ways to obtain Turkish citizenship. Moreover, the matter in Turkey is easier than most other countries. There are many conditions that determine whether a person can obtain Turkish citizenship or not. Below we will mention each of them separately, clarifying the most important details and conditions.

Obtaining Turkish residency by residing in its lands

There are many conditions for obtaining citizenship in this way, the most important one is that the period of residence of the person wishing to obtain citizenship should be 5 years without interruption, However, the government allows leaving the country for a period not exceeding 360 days in a total of 5 years.

The applicant must prove his intention to obtain Turkish citizenship in several ways, such as trading in it or buying a property. Also, those wishing to obtain citizenship must have the ability to speak the Turkish language sufficiently. The state also requires the applicant to have a legitimate source of income.

He must also submit a medical report proving that he is free of chronic diseases.

Finally, he must have a clean criminal record with the Turkish government. Moreover, he must not be guilty of a criminal, security or political case. If the applicant fulfills all the previous conditions and the government is sure that he does not pose a threat of any kind to the security or economy of the state, he will obtain Turkish citizenship.

Obtaining Turkish Citizenship by Marrying a Turkish Citizen

Based on the text of Article No. 16 of the Turkish Naturalization Law, a foreigner who married a Turkish citizen has the right to apply for Turkish citizenship, but it should be noted that he does not obtain citizenship by just marriage, as there are other things that must be provided. First, the government verifies the real purpose of marriage.

Civil marriage.

Also, the marital relationship must be stable and there is no indication of a divorce in the future, such as having children or living together and also the absence of any issues between spouses.

Finally, the marital relationship should last at least 3 years in a stable manner. It should be mentioned here that the government will ensure that the person wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship does not pose any threat to security or public laws and norms.

Obtaining Turkish Citizenship by a Decision of the Competent Authorities

Article 12 of the Naturalization Law gives the competent authorities the right to give Turkish citizenship to certain groups, this method differs from the others method of obtaining Turkish citizenship.

The authorities have the right to give citizenship to foreigners who are expected to benefit the country in various fields such as technology, art, sports, economy, if it is proven that a person has the ability to add something or provide services with his special abilities, he may be given Turkish citizenship. Also, sometimes the state gives citizenship to foreigners who have been subjected to injustice or crime in Turkish territory. Furthermore, as in all other ways the government first ensures that the person is not in any way considered a threat to public security.

Obtaining Turkish Citizenship by Investment

This method is the most common among Arab businessmen, as it provides them with easy and various opportunities to benefit from strong trade in Turkey, not only from the financial side, but also by obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment, while we see many other countries that do not allow the foreigner the right to own property, Turkey does the opposite.

As it supports and provides many facilities for businessmen to invest in it. There are 6 different ways to obtain citizenship by investing. First, by buying a property of $250,000 or more. You can not sell this property before 3 years from the date of purchase.

Second, investing in a project in Turkey with a capital of at least 500,000 dollars.

Thirdly, bank deposits for at least three years and with a value of at least 500,000 dollars. This deposit must be in one of the Turkish banks.

Establishing a commercial or industrial investment business in any of the sectors. The investment should accommodate at least 50 Turkish citizens must be employed. No specific capital is required for the project. Buying a stake in a real estate investment fund worth at least $500,000.

Anyone who fulfills one of the previous conditions can apply for Turkish citizenship. The government will first make sure that it does not pose a threat to public security or the economy.

After explaining the four basic ways to obtain Turkish citizenship, we now move to explain 3 other ways, but they are more complicated, it is also not available to everyone.

Obtaining citizenship through Ottoman or Turkish root.

Anyone can apply for Turkish citizenship if he can prove that he has Ottoman or Turkish origins, whether from the father or the mother.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship through adoption.

You can use the adoption system as an option for citizenship in Turkey to the contrary to other Arab and Islamic countries . The adopted person obtains Turkish citizenship immediately but he must be younger than 18 years.

Re-acquire Turkish citizenship.

This is limited to those who have previously renounced their citizenship. Also, for those whose parents renounced it before they turned 18 years old.

Briefly, Turkey is a safe haven for many people from different Arab and African countries. The government facilities and the attractive economic situation made many people want to live there. In addition, the ease of obtaining Turkish citizenship to enjoy full rights.

We mentioned 7 different ways to obtain Turkish citizenship, which are less complicated from the rest of the countries.

The cultural and economic development in Turkey, in addition to its adherence to the Islamic religion, made it more attractive to Muslims, as the market of merchants in it is one of the best markets around the world, which attracted businessmen to it. We must not forget that Turkey may join the European Union countries at any time, which makes obtaining Turkish citizenship very useful, as the citizens of the European Union enjoy many advantages Including freedom and ease of movement between the countries of the European Union.

Indicators also indicate that Turkey is on its way to becoming one of the most powerful countries economically and politically in the next ten years. Another important factor is the cost of living in Turkey. Compared to other countries, Turkey is a great place to live at a low to medium cost. As the minimum wage is 2825 liras, which is approximately 300 dollars.

Finally, Turkey is one of the most prominent countries that receives and welcomes foreigners. It also offers many facilities in government transactions. It also supports in obtaining citizenship by investment or through residency for a certain period. We have mentioned ways and methods in details above. Contact Us Today for more information!

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Real estate in Istanbul

villas for sale in turkey istanbul

Owning a home or villa is the main goal for many people. Especially, for those who are looking for the best real estate in Istanbul. Financial ability is the first obstacle to achieving this goal, but do not forget that there are many other things.

In this article, we will mention how you can find the best villas for sale in Istanbul. Regardless of whether you are looking for a house, villa or even a small residence.


Turkey, especially Istanbul, has become very attractive to businessmen as due to the large number of labor and the low general cost of construction in Turkey. These things make investing in real estate  very profitable. Due to the strength of competition between real estate companies, the number of buildings and their quality raise .

luxury residential

House sales to foreigners increase in Turkey | Let's go Alanya

We see a lot of luxury residential towers in most areas of Istanbul. In addition, the Turkish government greatly supports such projects and always aims to attract businessmen to it. With the passage of time, the opportunity to get villas for sale in Istanbul becomes easier due to the increase in the number of real estate companies investing there. Even though, this rise may make it more difficult for the customer to choose the best available option. We should not forget the possibility of Turkey joining the European Union. This was a quick look at the development taking place in Turkey. In order to reach the best possible option for a person who want to buy a villa, we must ask three questions, (why, how and where).

Why should I look for villas in Istanbul?

villas in istanbul

Istanbul is one of the most prominent cities around the world. The great diversity found in Istanbul, as it combines the wonderful nature. Moreover, the old history and the development make Istanbul one of the destinations for tourists around the world.





Turkish lira dips to near record low on rate cut, US concerns | Business and Economy News | Al Jazeera

Another thing is the economic development taking place here. You should consider the economic situation of the state and the city in particular where you wish to live. Also, all indicators point to a greater renaissance and development in the future increases the possibility of Turkey to join the European Union.


Turkish Citizenship

English) Сitizenship and residence permit – Platinum Homes

Obtaining Turkish Citizenship by Investment is another reason to search for a villa in Istanbul. For example, if a person invests a certain amount in buying a property, he is entitled to obtain Turkish citizenship. While we see that some countries prevent foreigners residing on their lands from owning property. Turkey encourages them to Ownership and investment in general. Istanbul is also one of the most welcoming cities for foreigners, whether as tourists or as residents. This brings comfort to the residents here. Also, you can invest in it by renting it, which is very common in Istanbul.

How to find the best villas for sale in Istanbul?


You should look for a real estate agent, as it will make it much easier. You must carefully choose the neighborhood that suits you. For instance, the difference lies in the region or in the way of thoughts of the people living there. In Istanbul the customs and traditions may differ in different neighborhoods.


You must follow up on the legal aspect of the matter with a specialized lawyer, as there are many required papers and contracts that you must be aware of. Of course, you can do all this without the need for a lawyer, but this may make it more difficult and may increase the risks as well. And since we are in the age of technology, there are many sites where you can search for villas for sale in Istanbul. Be aware of the prices of villas in general in the city so that you can compare prices and choose the most suitable for you.

Where to find the best villa in Istanbul?


In addition to the diversity of ideas and beliefs, Istanbul also differs in the diversity of its regions clearly. Because of its large size and large number of residents, the difference between some neighborhoods in Istanbul is similar to the difference between cities in other countries. As we know, Istanbul has two sides, the Asian side and the European one. In terms of value Beşiktaş region is the most expensive one and Beykoz come in the second place. But if you really want to know villas for sale in Istanbul, the price is not everything. You should pay more attention to the following matters.


Safety, as in the last 5 years the idea of residential complexes has spread widely, which is clearly more secure.


you should look at the services available in the area, as they can make your life there easier.
Transportation is also an important point, as you may need to use public transportation at some time, especially here in Istanbul, where driving cars is difficult because of the heavy traffic. And also, as we mentioned earlier, the neighbors, where it is better to get to know them before completing the purchase process, because it will be very annoying to live next to people you do not trust and do not respect others. It should also be considered how close the area is to the city center, as the price rises the closer you get, so you must choose an area that matches your financial capabilities.


Make sure that all previous home bills have been paid. Inquire about how old the building is and check that it contains an earthquake resistance system, as Istanbul is under the threat of earthquakes.


The search for villas for sale in Istanbul has become much easier than before, but choosing the right villa has become very difficult, due to the large number of choices and the varying prices. Real estate in Turkey is constantly growing, and getting a villa at this time is a great choice because of its future benefits, as we discussed previously. Perhaps the most prominent of these benefits for foreigners is to obtain Turkish citizenship. We explained the steps and things that you must know in order to make the best choice, and we should mention that investing in real estate is often very successful and profitable and the risks are less, especially in Turkey because this field receives strong support from the government for real estate in Istanbul.