Apartments for Sale in Turkey

Apartments for Sale in Turkey

With its spectacular history, culture, nature and climate, Turkey has always been a desirable destination. This includes to the many expats to find apartments for Sale in Turkey. These characteristics for leading a healthy and happy life are now more important than ever. Especially in this era of safely navigating through a global pandemic.

Apartments in Turkey have three requirements: first, there must be a “tapu,” which is a title deed, “imar,”. Then there is the building license and “iskan,” which is a habitation certificate. You do not actually want to dish out any money if you are unable to verify that the property contains all of the above. It is highly advisable to check with the Land Registry Office, Tapu Dairesi in Turkish. This is to make sure the property you are checking out is legal for purchase and that the deed does not have any outstanding fines or debts connected to it. Including cases such as an “ipotek,” which is a lien on the property that you would be liable for if purchased.

Furthermore, in new builds, make sure the name of the title deed has been transferred to the contractor to the landowner if that is who you are purchasing from. Also, do not relinquish any funds and only pay for the property in full after the deed has officially been issued in your name. There are methods available by banks in Turkey to ensure funds are secure to both parties during the transaction process. (source)

Requirements for Property Purchase in Turkey

A number of requirements placed on foreigners and otherwise to buy property in Turkey:

First off and as of this year, it is compulsory to have an Energy Performance Certificate (in Turkish Enerji Kimlik Belgesi) which classifies said building’s energy efficiency. This is a new requirement that went into effect at the start of the year that is applicable to house sales and purchases.

You will also need to enroll for compulsory earthquake insurance (abbreviated DASK in Turkish) in order to receive necessities such as electricity and water.

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Apartments for Sale in Turkey

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