Apartments for sale in Istanbul European Side

Istanbul is by many considered to be the oldest Metropolis in the world. The Europe side of Istanbul is more historical than the Asian side. This side is more densely populated and therefore with more availability of Apartments for Sale in Istanbul European Side. Constantinople is the area behind the walls. It was the city center during both the Roman and Ottoman periods. Towns on the Asian side were the villages of the city, Until the ferry started in the 19th century. The stones of the walls around Kadikoy were carried to the European side and used in the construction of public buildings. So, there are not many historical buildings left on the Asian side. This is another reason why Asian side isn’t as historical as the the Europe side.

The Europe side is more populous than the Asian side due to the fact that the Europe side has always been the center of trade, business and industry. Common saying is that the Asian side of Istanbul is the dormitory of the city.

European side is regarded as more “European” or “western” because of its appearance. This is largely due to the fact that the European colonies and the city center has always been here.

Apartments for Sale in Istanbul (European Side)

History of Modern Istanbul

As Greek settlers from Megara established Byzantium on the European side of the Bosphorus, the history of the city begins around 660 BCE . The settlers built an acropolis adjacent to the Golden Horn on the site of the early Thracian settlements, fueling the developing city’s economy.

Apartments for sale in Istanbul European Side

The waters washing the peninsula are called “the three seas”. By long tradition, they are The Golden Horn, the Bosporus, and the Sea of Marmara. The Golden Horn is a deep valley about 4.5 miles (7 km) long. Early inhabitants saw it as being shaped like a deer horn, but modern Turks call it the Haliç (“Canal”). The Bosporus (İstanbul Boğazı) is the channel connecting the Black Sea (Karadeniz) to the Mediterranean (Akdeniz) by way of the Sea of Marmara (Marmara Denizi) and the straits of the Dardanelles. The narrow Golden Horn separates old Istanbul (Stamboul) to the south from the “new” city of Beyoğlu to the north. The broader Bosporus divides European Istanbul from the city’s districts on the Asian shore—Üsküdar and Kadıköy.

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