Apartments for Sale in Istanbul Beylikduzu

Beylikdüzü is the modern part of Istanbul which is improving more every day. It is also a popular search for Apartments for Sale in the Istanbul Beylikdüzü district. The district together with the Ataköy Marina are now attracting the upper-middle class because of their good infrastructure. The area is also seeing the construction of new luxury developments. The attraction of the district is also increased by the close proximity to the Istanbul Atatürk Airport. Beylikdüzü is home to the most shopping malls in Istanbul and is considered a heaven for shopping. Therefore, Beylikdüzü is also often referred to as the “AVM cumhuriyeti” (or republic of shopping in English).

The Best of Beylikdüzü Properties

Beylikduzu was largely populated after the 1999 İzmit earthquake by the people from older districts of Istanbul. Migrants preferred to move to newly constructed buildings in Beylikdüzü because of their fear for safety of the old buildings. Beylikdüzü was affected by the second wave of migration, when the Metrobus (rapid bus system) is extended from Avcılar to Beylikdüzü in 2012.

The perception of “distance” has changed with the introduction of Metrobüs and places which seemed far away before became closer. Therefore, many more people moved to Beylikdüzü. Over the years, Its population has grown from around 3000 in the early 1990s to 350,000 by 2018. Since the population of the district consists mostly of migrants from other districts of Istanbul or Turkey, and Beylikdüzü is a relatively recently established city, Beylikdüzü has gained a welcoming atmosphere for the newcomers without having any social stratification. The area has a good selection of properties that meet International standards.

Apartments for Sale in Istanbul Beylikdüzü

Why should you consider Beylikdüzü for your Property Purchase?

The region became a hot spot for residential and commercial investments. The popularity of the district has increased greatly in the last few years. Beylikdüzü has the highest rapid increase in the land and property value in Turkey, making its investors richer in a very short time. Modern apartments are the hallmark feature of this area. The Proximity to Shopping malls and transportation makes it a perfect place to live. The diverse mix of population makes it a very dynamic community. Hence, it’s the perfect location to find Apartments for Sale in Beylikdüzü.

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