Apartments for sale in Istanbul avcilar

Avcılar is a district of Istanbul, Turkey and is just out of town on the European side of the city. The area lies to the west of the Küçükçekmece inlet of the Sea of Marmara. It is called ‘the crown of Istanbul’. Apartments for Sale in Istanbul Avcilar district, are above average for the city and considered exclusive due to it’s location and stunning views of the city.

The center of Avcılar has places to sit outside, many restaurants, two cinemas, an active night-life and a busy shopping area. The pedestrianized shopping streets with American-style fast-food joints, narrow side-streets of little shops and cafés are all to be found here. Young people wander among people selling goods on the sidewalk.


The history of Avcilar, Istanbul

The Marmara coast road bridges the mouth of the inlet and was always an important route in wartime. Therefore, when preparing the conquest of Istanbul, the Ottoman forces were keen to populate the Küçükçekmece area with Turks. So, the Turkish presence in the area dates from this period.

Apartments for Sale in Istanbul AvcilarThe road from Istanbul to Europe has become increasingly important ever since and by the time of the population exchange with Greece. At the founding of the Turkish Republic there were 50 Greek families in the village. The property they vacated was then used as a military depot. Little is left of this history AS the church had long been converted to a mosque and was pulled down in 1977 for a new mosque to be built and the fountains and ruins have disappeared. There is some remaining Ottoman architecture including a hunting lodge belonging to the sultans. Actual hunters used to live in this area to protect the villages and some traditional farmhouses, so it’s fitting that the name Avcilar,  means ‘hunters’ in Turkish,

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