Apartments for sale in Istanbul Asian Side

When you are looking for Apartments for Sale in Istanbul Asian Side or often called Anatolian Side, it’s a good idea to get familiar with the area and see what options it provides.

The vast Anatolian Side, or Asian Side, is home to waterfront attractions like ornate Beylerbeyi Palace and the 1500s Şemsi Paşa mosque. On a tiny island, the picturesque Maiden’s Tower offers sweeping city views. The Kadıköy neighborhood is renowned for its colorful produce market and the murals adorning its winding streets. Views from the promenade in the Moda area stretch across the Sea of Marmara to the old city.

Apartments for Sale in Istanbul (Asian Side)

Known as the less crowded and more orderly half of the city, Asian Side nonetheless houses about 4.4 million people. Simply put, one of every three Istanbulites, out of which around 1.3 million commute daily to Europe.

Apartments for sale in Istanbul Asian Side

The first human settlement on the Anatolian side, the Fikirtepe mound, is from the Copper Age period. Artifacts dating from 5500 to 3500 BC have been found here. In nearby Kadıköy (Chalcedon) a port settlement dating back to the Phoenicians has been discovered.

Kadıköy (ancient Chalcedon) and Üsküdar (ancient Chrysopolis or Scutari) form the historical cores of this area. Both started as independent ports and were only incorporated into the city of Istanbul in the late 19th century. Regular steamer ferries began to ply the Bosphorus between them; it would be another 150 years before bridges and Metro tunnels created a land connection.

Why the choose the Asian side of Istanbul for your Property Investment?

Today Kadıköy and Üsküdar are the main areas of visitor interest on the Asian side. Inland are miles of bland suburbs, with high-rise apartment blocks and shopping malls. These sprang up when the first Bosphorus bridge made inter-continental commuting easier. The Asian Side houses about 4.4 million people, a third of Istanbul’s population, and 1.3 million of them commute daily to Europe. However there’s a string of interesting places along the Bosphorus coast, with old palaces, mansions, and neighbourhoods with character. You can also find stretches of parkland along the Marmara coast. In 2005 the city boundaries were extended to engulf the former “Istanbul Province” on both the Asian and European sides. So nowadays the city, and the scope of this page, goes all the way east to the boundary with Kocaeli Province, from just north of Gebze on the Marmara coast to Ağva Merkez on the Black Sea coast.

These new areas of Istanbul are mostly rural, but suburban developers are eagerly marking out plots and cranking up their cement mixers. 2021 is a perfect time to buy apartment in Istanbul as expectations have gone down and currency investment is favorable.

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